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2 Days 1 Night – Season 1

1 Night 2 Days (1N2D, 1박 2일) is a real, wild, road variety show where six men travel to different villages in Korea and stay for 1 night and 2 days (sometimes longer than that). The aim of this show is to recommend holiday destinations to its viewers. Each trip is given a theme, such as friendship, living in the wild, and etc. So where do they sleep…. “life’s a line” as said by Kim C. The 5 or 6 or 7-members are divided into 2 teams and are given a game to play. Either one game settles it or a “best of” Bok Bul Bok game will determine whether the team gets to sleep indoors or outdoors. Getting these guys to wake up in the morning (or even early dawn) can be a problem. But the Production staff are there to help with their fresh wake up songs!


(August 5, 2007 – February 26, 2012)

Its members are:

Kang Ho Dong
a.k.a. Rockhead, Papa Bear

Kang Ho Dong, the main MC for 1N2D who won the Daesang at the 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards. Known for his strength (as well as his temper), he uses this skill on his younger brothers, hitting them for oblivious reasons (ex. Mong’s glasses on the Hwacheon trip). Though he is tough on the outside, his love is equally shown as he takes care of his brothers. Note, this man is not really good with his multiplication skills.


Lee Su Geun
a.k.a. The Driver

Lee Su Geun is a comedian who has been on since its replaced segment, Are You Ready, is known to the viewers as the “driver” of the group. He is usually the driver of the trips if they are not taking the “luxurious” bus. Su Geun had a tough start in the early days of 1N2D. He expressed his feelings on another variety show saying that “he didn’t look forward to filming 1N2D”. But with the encouragement from his brothers, he has been enjoying it ever since. On the same variety show where he expressed his dislikes of the show, he added that he looks forward to every recording to spend time with the guys. With his hardwork on the show, he has even earned himself to MC for other shows and won the Best Comedian Award. He is known to be a hard worker because he does most of the “labour” work. Not only is he good at working, he is one of the members who would most likely be able to survive living in a deserted island. He can be said to be “bilingual” as he can speak Chinese, in reality, he’s just speaking gibberish. One of his wishes was to drive a bus on 1 Night 2 Days and to do so he trained to achieve a bus (large vehicles) driving license in which he did and drove a bus on the Viewer’s trip.

Eun Ji Won
a.k.a. Elementary Kid (Eun Cho Ding), Baby Bear

Eun Ji Won, nicknamed “Eun Cho Ding” (Elementary Kid) is singer/rapper. He is 1N2D’s “life-time” member. Stuck with 1N2D for life, he is considered to be the laziest MC. Why? He can sleep anywhere at any time! This boy claims to have an IQ of 160, which can be proved not necessarily through quizzes but through his random lines.


Kim C
a.k.a. Master

(former member 071028 – 100606)

Kim C, the singer from the group Hot Potato, was the first member to replace one of the former members. He joined 1N2D in Episode 25, the trip to Milyang, South Gyeongsang, also No Hong Chul’s last trip. Kim C’s nickname on the show is “master”, since he is the “expert” at times. He is also very caring to his younger brothers on the show. Kim C also gained some recognition for his donor stickers on his citizenship card which was shown on the Oolwangee trip.

Lee Seung Gi
a.k.a. Emptyhead (Huh-dang)

The teams lovable magnae (youngest) huh-dang! Lee Seung Gi is a ballad singer who debuted in 2004 with the single “Nuna, You Are My Woman” that swept many nuna and ahjumma fans across the nation. In the early episodes he keeps up his image by washing up all the time, looking the best 200% all the way, but as his older brothers teases him and with mother nature slowly overtaking him, he’s adapting side effects becoming an emptyheaded-scholar. Other than that, he is the team’s Brain (and looks)!


MC Mong
a.k.a. Wild Monkey, Mong Jang Geum

Mong, the “wild monkey”, also recently adding to his title is Mong Jang Geum, 1N2D’s chef! He was the last member to join the crew replacing Kim Jong Min who left for his military service. MC Mong and his manager, Lee Heon Suk, achieved a peak rating of 43.8% during the time he was left on an island to catch some fishes in which this proves that he’s not just a wild monkey, but a hardworking wild monkey. Always being bossed around by his older brother, Ho Dong, Mong can definitely stop that by cooking up some food and feeding his hungry brothers. He is also the team’s choreographer as seen to be choreographing the “No Matter What” dance and “Rain Tear” dance with his wacky moves.

Kim Jong Min
a.k.a. “Pure”

One of the show’s original members, Jong Min started out in his entertainment career as a dancer and singer, being the leader of the band,     Koyote. Prior to leaving 1N2D to fulfill his military duty, he was a major proponent of the Elbow Attack, of which Kang Ho Dong was often a victim.  He is best remembered for the noodle incident in Jeongseon, where he was left behind since he got off the train to eat noodles. He is also known for his trademark “Tired” dance, and has been called “Pure” since he can sometimes be compared to a blank sheet of paper, due to his simple and goofy nature. With his recent discharge from the military, he has rejoined the 1N2D Brotherhood, having been kidnapped by the other members on the day of his discharge. (Kukilas)

  Uhm Tae Woong

  a.k.a. Dogfeet

Uhm Tae Woong, more commonly known as Uhm Jung Wa’s little brother, got his start in the entertainment industry     by appearing in the movie, Silmido, in 2003. Prior to making his colorful appearance on 1N2D, in no less than a leopard spotted blanket, he has had a background in movies and dramas, most especially in the suspense / action genre. KDrama lovers would have recognized him from roles in Delightful Girl Chun Hyang, Resurrection and The Devil, among others. While he is quite athletic and can run like the wind, alas, he is not very good at sports like soccer or foot volleyball, which has earned him the nickname, Dogfeet. He loves dogs, can debate and argue with the production staff, but sadly, is not very good at group games like “I am ground”. (Kukilas)

And how can we forget about their mascot, Sang Geun:

Sang Geun

Sang Geun is 1N2D’s team mascot. What breed is he? He’s a huge, white Great Pyrenees. His real name is Herbie but was named Sang Geun by Ji Sang Ryul, a previous member of 1N2D. Sang Geun’s popularity has sore greatly in the first half of 2008 and is one of the most popular pets in the Entertainment industry. He has done many CF’s (commercial) and actually gets paid a lot to be on this show.

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